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1. Coping Skills for Depression

The first skill is to make yourself available to the medical profession. You may likely need some temporary medications to help you through the initial phases, or the middle phases, of depression. Without those needed medications, thinking patterns become distorted with complacency, ambivalence and a loss of ambition to do much of anything. This upsets one's ability to care for oneself.

Self-Help Strategy
Starting something new is a primary key. Deciding to shift the stay in bed mentality is very difficult and may require outside help. It is possible to be your own GURU so to speak, but it is exceedingly difficult. Giving yourself advice requires a special kind of person who is able to talk to themselves. A person must recognise all the signs and then decide to act on them. Shifting away from the mental attitude of despair into a mental attitude of small step-by-step accomplishments can be achieved on one's own, but will take some effort. There are a few good places to start.

The first is in gaining nutritional knowledge and learning to eat more healthy, more balanced meals. There may be a very real physiological problem with the way you handle food and that problem may require you to give the Pain Relief Diet a try as a cleansing diet to detect if food has a roll in your health problems. (Yes, most everyone has health problems, so don't think you don't.)

The second place to start is with a regular exercise program. Exercise stimulates blood flow. It brings more needed oxygen to the brain and helps the brain think better. Exercise also massages the hormones and helps reset physiology to normal.

At first, the exercises need only be mild easy to do things but, they must become a daily routine. It is the daily routine that brings the advantages. A problem is that depressed people do not see their way to the effort required for an exercise routine. Medications will help, a clean diet will help, and counselling will help. Most depressed people don't want counselling though.

The third place to start is with proper sleep. That means adequate time and adequate in ALL phases of sleep. One problem with sleeping pills is that they disrupt certain phases o sleep. Temporarily this is ok but not for the long haul.

fourth place to start is with a look at the types of thoughts you are thinking. You would need to make an effort to break vicious-cycle thinking. Vicious-cycle thinking is thinking that rotates back to itself and repeats over and over again but, takes you nowhere. You are not learning, you are not planning, you are not organising. What you are doing is thinking a negative or a violent thought over and over again. That thinking pattern needs to be broken.

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