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2. Dr. Ouellette's Vicious-Cycle Breaking Technique

To break vicious-cycle you need to SUBSTITUTE a new thought pattern. You need to interrupt the vicious cycle repeatedly until it goes away. This will cause you a sense of LOSS. Be aware of that and accept that loss. The vicious cycle thinking was giving you solace, it was serving a purpose, it was consoling you. It was not your friend. The problem is that the purpose of the vicious-cycle was to serve itself not you. It comes from the animal parts of your brain.

Break that cycle. Eat something new, a new food of some kind. It matters not what kind. Going for a walk is a great way to break vicious-cycle thinking, but you will need to control what you think when you walk. Pay particular attention to the details of your neighbourhood. Look for new people, new things as you walk. Focus on smaller details of colour, sound, smells. Recognise road signs, memorized the road names. Start planning things. It's okay to plan small things, just start planning. Thinking about planning things instead of vicious cycling will help you become more productive. Another idea is to write an article about yourself that you can submit to us for publication on this web site.

All in all, coping with depression requires a strategy. That strategy involves self-help techniques and outside help. Professional level help is available and at hand.

If you have some suggestions or special insights to help other people then send them to us in an email. We would be happy to edit then include your suggestions. If you feel you need more than what we have provided then talk to us please. Let us know what you are thinking.

Keep in mind that this technique is a start. It is only a start. There is much more to learn about yourself.

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