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3. Coping Skills for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can set in at any time. It is most often a multi factorial problem. An abnormal nutrition, or more pointedly a normal physiology, but a poor grade of nutrition fuel may be part of the problem. Combine that with depression and complacency sets in. So, we come back to a CLEAN diet as one coping skill for this affliction as well. Eat only the foods that were available to cave man before farming started 10,000 years ago. Your physiology may have that need. The Pain Relief Diet is a good start.

Blood flow is important so exercise becomes valuable here as well. Learning what your daily circadian rhythm is can be helpful. If you wake at 12 noon then need sleep four hours later, then are up for eight to ten hours, then recognised that as your physiological set point. Build a wake pattern of activities around that set point. Later you will learn to change it.

Coping skill: Have a meal as soon as you wake up then get out and do something, anything. Try to be productive for yourself and tray to avoid vicious-cycle thinking. Four hours later when your body begins its crash take a nap but, set an alarm clock so the nap is only a set amount of time.

Focus on your sleep wake cycle and write down your pattern. Pick out times when you can be productive. You have to learn that the fatigue does not necessarily mean that you cannot work. When you find work your fatigue will sync in with the work schedule. You just may have a wake-cycle shift that is different than the typical work day. Accept that and look for work that can accommodate your wake-cycle needs.

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