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5. Coping Skills for Deteriorating Social Skills

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that getting a better social life is going to solve all your problems. It won't. A social life is a section all on it's own. It is composed of two parts. There is the part that includes a significant other person in your life, and there is the part that includes you and other peers or other same sex friends. You will need to pay attention to both of them and devise a plan to build both of them. They are separate so you will need to work on them separately.

The Significant Other
Most people looking for a life partner are looking for someone who is working, healthy, kind, nice, and helpful to them. You will need to assess each one of these in yourself and then work on each one of these. We need not get into a long dissertation on meeting a mate. Suffice it to say you have five things to build in yourself. Those five things were listed earlier two sentences up. You can look around for a mate even if you are deficient in any one of these, but you will need to begin building all five areas.

Peers and Same Sex Friends
In addition to a life partner you will need social friends. You can find these at fitness clubs, dance clubs, sports clubs, and social clubs, and many other places. You will need to be communicative to other people in order to build a set of friends. For people who find this difficult, begin first by memorising a few sets of opening lines to begin conversations. Start by talking to someone about the immediate surroundings. Avoid talking about how they dress or look, and avoid trying to make a compliment to them. Just stay neutral and start a conversation. And, smile, smile a lot.

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