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Company Culture

Wellness Risk Management (WRM)

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

One of our aims at Wellness Risk Management (WRM) is to help a company boost its company culture in the Wellness Self-Help field.

A Wellness culture includes effective Wellness Strategies and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies all proven useful by science.


We should talk a little bit about that culture.

  • To build a good company culture, WRM will help a company management troubleshoot its needs with regard to the Self-Help Wellness of its workers.
  • A company's Self-Help Wellness culture can be completely cost free to the company via WRM.
  • Or, a company can cover some motivational costs via websites and in-house bulletin boards to help motivate their workers.
  • Wellness Risk Management is offering a Self-Help program to workers.


To learn Self-Help effectively we must MEASURE people against the Wellness Self-Help science. Then we must provide WORKSHOPS to help people troubleshoot their lifestyles. People need individualized, expert help. Wellness Risk Management supplies that help.


The W File
When it comes to the pillars of Wellness there is a famous quote that we can borrow. 

"No one is as deaf as those who don’t want to listen."

What does this mean with regard to our topic of Wellness Risk Management?

When a person makes the claim that they do not want (or cannot) make lifestyle changes, for whatever reason, then they are a person who may have some issue with the science. They may become deaf to the science. This hampers their Wellness. We don’t wish to force people so, we try to help with non stressful small changes that help people improve their health. Combine a lot of small improvements and you have big gains.

We search for new ways to motivate people and new ways to lead people toward Optimal Health Secrets. We can lead but, people need to follow. This is the reason for our qualification data near the beginning of our Wellness Risk Management process. It is to set the stage on the roadway to Optimal Health Secrets.


When reviewing our web site network pay attention to the measurement and workshop sections to gain an understanding how Wellness Risk Management will work. This will show you its structure and its focus.

To Company Decision Makers
I would like to help your company build an additional Wellness strategy with Wellness Risk Management. This strategy would run parallel to other Wellness protocols you may have ongoing at this time. Wellness Risk Management has coined the new term Wellness Risk and developed a measurement program to measure the risk along with a workshop program to help people improve scores and lower the risk.

Wellness Risk Management is an online program with options for in-house workshops.

Wellness Self-Help science has been around for a long time, however, a large number of people fail to help themselves adequately. Those failures are where we come in to correct. We measure a person to find their failure points then offer workshops to help them correct the failures and fix their needs. Re-measurement documents forward progress.

Enrolling your company with Wellness Risk Management is free for companies. Individual workers pay a personal enrollment fee for four measurements and four hours of my time under the inauguration program.

Improving the Wellness of workers also improves the company culture. Helping people help themselves shows people that you care.

Dr. Ouellette


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