Coping Skills

We are targeting a specific profile with this article. The person who may have a little money, but not much; the person who has become isolated; no job; no social life; no family; money fast running out; no real hobbies or pursuits; depression setting in; several health issues looming.

A major problem may be that this person does not recognise themselves in this profile and so has not been able to fashion coping skills, lifestyle coping skills. Send this web site to people that you think need some lifestyle help.

Major Issues
1. Depression
2. Vicious-Cycle Breaking Technique
3. Chronic Fatigue
4. Work Skills Deteriorating
5. Social Skills Deteriorating
6. Lack of Hobbies and Pursuits

One of the more important things you will have to learn is good communication skills. You can start with this web site by writing down your feelings on each of the five issues listed above. If you want to communicate your feelings on these topics to other people then send them to us in an email. Some people learn communication skills easily, some people learn them more slowly. It doesn't matter how fast you learn the key is to get on the learning curve.