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Wellness Risk Management

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

  • Wellness Risk Management: (WRM) is a personal, online, self-help, WELLNESS IMPROVEMENT program connected to a workshop program designed to fine-tune face-to-face help as needed.
  • Anonymous Measurement: Individuals help themselves by measuring themselves online for Wellness Risk. Workers then improve their Wellness Risk numbers, on their own and in WRM workshops, thereby helping themselves and their company build a stronger workforce to cushion themselves and the company in times of need.
  • Wellness: is defined as multidimensional, self-help, a positive health, a sense of well-being, a more successful existence.   
  • Risk: means there is the possibility of injury, or damage, or sickness.  
  • Wellness Risk: indicates a person’s susceptibility to pain, suffering and a shortened life if they don’t follow the science on multidimensional Wellness. This Wellness Risk can be quantified to a percentage.   
  • Self-Help: Wellness is a type of Wellness that does not depend on any products or professional services. A person relies on the knowledge of science and themselves. The end result is for people to use WRM on their own as needed.   
  • Wellness Risk Measurement: is online, is thorough and comprehensive providing 38 percentage scores on multidimensional Wellness.  
  • Wellness Risk Management Instructor: is a lay person trained in the Wellness Risk Management Instructor Mandate. Training is by Wellness Risk Management Head Office. The WRM Instructor helps people only in Workshops where they follow Mandate protocols. 
  • Wellness Risk Management Instructor Mandate: in brief, is that Instructors do not give Wellness advice or health advice. Their only job is to help people complete their Action Plan List. 
  • Wellness Risk Management Pilot Project:
    The goal of the pilot project is to identify the Wellness interest level in a selected workforce.
  • Wellness Risk Management Directorship Program: When sufficient interest is found then the selection and training of an in-house Company WRM Instructor is started. 
  • Wellness Risk Management Director: 
    • In larger companies a Director would be an instructor who organizes for the need and selection of new Wellness Risk Management Instructors in a company. 
    • In smaller companies there may be only one instructor who would also be the WRM Director. 
    • Eventually there will be geographic directors to direct clients in multiple smaller companies. 
    • Some smaller companies may share a WRM Instructor.
  • Wellness Risk Management Client: A worker who decides to enrol in the Wellness Risk Management program and take the WRM online Measurement program on a voluntary, anonymous basis. 


Transitioning to a long term WRM program

  • Ending the WRM Pilot project: When sufficient numbers of workers are enrolled and showing interest in learning Wellness and chronic disease prevention strategies with WRM, then the pilot project for that company can end and a permanent long-term program can be established under the direction of the Wellness Risk Management Director for that company. 
  • Wellness Risk Management Head Office:
    Among other duties, 
    • Head Office establishes policy 
    • Trains new instructors 
    • Manages certified instructors, (disciplines WRM instructors so as to maintain the instructor mandate) 
    • Selects new companies and organizations to introduce to Wellness Risk Management with the goal of helping people help themselves with science-based Wellness and chronic disease prevention strategies


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