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No Quick Fixes

In Wellness there are no quick fixes. A person needs to be willing to help themselves, and a person needs to be willing to invest the time in themselves for that process.

  • Before enrolment, the Wellness Risk Management (WRM) Pilot Project asks a person to commit to four measurement cycles, each three months apart for a 12 month period of time.

Wellness Risk Management will provide four initial hours of help, first giving help where a client needs it most, with the measurement program and the workshop program. Additional time can be purchased as needed by the client for a reasonable fee.

Most people will understand the concepts of Wellness Risk Management with those four hours of help. At the end of the year people will be at the point of understanding how to assess themselves using the Wellness Risk Management tools provided and how to discipline themselves to achieve success. 

Making Wellness a Priority is a way a person can help their body perform the best it can the way it was genetically intended to work.

 The science is there waiting to be discovered.


WRM measures a person anonymously, collects and assesses the clues, identifies needs, sets the priorities, drafts an individually customized Action Plan, produces a 35 page WRM Report of Findings and Progress Chart, and helps motivate people to follow through with that plan.

Contact us to help your workers improve their personal Wellness and learn Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. We will explain the enrollment process and help them on the roadway to OptimalHealthSecrets. It is up to the individual to help themselves Make Wellness a Priority. For some people that can be difficult. That is where Wellness Risk Management steps in.

It is up to the individual to Make Wellness a Priority.

Using Measurement, One-on-One Help and Group Help