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 Proposal for a College Course


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Resilience a Curriculum for a College Course

Outline Draft 1

Definition of Resilience


Types of Situations Resilience is used in


Anatomy of Resilience

  • Four parts


  • Screening Tools

Recovery Tools

  • Physical Trauma
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental Trauma

Helping Yourself

  • Locus of Control- Internal and External
  • Decisions - Attitude - Luck


  • Grieving a person lost who was close to you
  • Grieving a job loss or some other material loss

Helping Others


  • One of the jobs of the Wellness Risk Management instructor is doing is setting structure in the life of the client. People who have experienced a traumatic loss, or a major life setback, tend to lose structure in their life sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

Web sites on Resilience