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Questions and Answers

What do I do when my money runs out?

You would need to find a new source of income to support yourself. Best to start that process before all the money runs out. In our communities in North America you would apply for some form of social assistance, welfare, disability etc. In the mean time you may need to cut back on all unnecessary expenses like eating out, junk foods, travel etc.


How do I learn new skills to get into the social scene?

First you would need to understand that the social scene revolves around conversation. That means you will need to become skilled in the art of conversation. Your first job would be to learn several opening lines to give both men and women when you first meet. Most often that is "Hi, how are you today" (said with a smile, then pause for a response). Omitting the smile is a grave error in the social scene. Then you would need to learn how to identify yourself to this new person. Most often that is "My name is Joe, what's your name?" And third, you would need to have several questions ready to ask. Be smooth and take your time. Generally, it is good advice to get the person talking about themselves. There is much on the Internet on this topic.