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Why Choose Us

We provide Wellness Self-Help strategies. People learn how to help themselves.

Wellness Risk Management is not affiliated with any professions or Third Parties online or otherwise. Creation, authorship and development are the sole ownership of Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette. Wellness Risk Management concepts first took shape in the mid 1970s in Dr. Ouellette’s clinical practice and expanded ever since building into a separate Wellness model in 2015 to 2020s.

When you enrol with Wellness Risk Management (WRM):

  1. We will spend time helping you measure yourself online anonymously. You will receive 38 numbers profiling your Wellness Risk.
  2. We will help you with your eight item Action Plan List customized specifically for your Wellness needs which were identified by the program.
  3. We will help you with any additional Action Plan items you will need help with in the future.
  4. Cost for to clients to enrol is not expensive. Cost to companies is free.
  5. We will help you learn the protocols to measure yourself again in the future and complete your new Action Plan List on your own.

For now, read the other pages on this website then link to

Most people need some level of lifestyle help. Other people are already fairly healthy but, would like to get a little extra health amplification. Other people have lost health and need lifestyle regeneration.

These web sites all have a theme of leading people toward  Finish reading the Lifestyle Help web site then go to the Health Amplification web site before going to Wellness Risk Management please. explains some terminology. helps government organizations understand how they can help their populations. This web site lists a number of important definitions in the right bar. offers numerous articles for people to pursue. starts the online, anonymous, comprehensive, lifestyle measurement process.

Food plays quite a large role in Wellness. People in PAIN have a Self-Help option with which can also be used as a weight loss diet.

See also

These web sites above help people Follow the Science toward help for workers that is cost free to a company. Our programming infrastructure is in place and we are ready to help people. Companies can contact us now and workers can contact us now as well.

To keep it simple read at least the first pages of the three web sites at:

Then Contact Us.

Make Wellness a Priority

 Follow the Science PILOT Program