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Wellness Risk Management (WRM)

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

Steps to Review Our New Wellness Model Before You Contact Us

Advice for companies and organisations reviewing our Wellness Risk Management (WRM) program. There are two ways a company can start-up offering WRM. Offer WRM as a recruitment perk or as a Wellness service to all workers. Contact us to explain those please.



Read the first two Flyer-Posters in the Flyers Section at:

Then come back here.
 2. Review the page, and a few pdf documents at:
 3. Review the page at:

Have a look at the first page at:
(You can review the rest of the site later.)
 5. Review the workshop purchase page at:
 6. Keep in mind we are gathering research statistics on WRM. Both Measurement and Statistics are anonymous and for the use of WRM.
As you go through this review write down questions that occur to you. Most questions will get answered. When you are ready, contact us.


Contact Name:

LifestyleHelp Management 



We have one email that all others are forwarded to so it does not matter which address you use on any of our three dozen email addresses. This address was our first one used for the clinical setting.

All mail that we Reply to will come from

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People in Pain Must Behave Differently.

People Needing Weight Loss Must Behave Differently.

We help with that too.

Contact us for the particulars.

 Please contact us via the address email above.



 6 PDFs in  Linked Order

1. Definitions


2. Introduction to WRM