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Lifestyle Help

Wellness Risk Management (WRM)

For People Interested in Helping Themselves.

WRM helps a company build Wellness in their workforce.

For people who want to Make Wellness a Priority

Workshops and WRM Self-Help Wellness Courses are the same thing. They are just different names to explain the process.


A NOTE from Dr. Ouellette. I have been telling people since the 1970s that certain common foods are bad for them. I began screening people with intake forms for dietary issues. Some of those forms are now a part of the Wellness Risk Management Measurement process. In the 1990s I began reviewing older research data, as well as current research data, and compiling information pertinent to food and pain. In 2002 my first book was published Dr. Ouellette's Pain Relief Diet Manual, to help my patient base, and in 2006 I published my second book on Cheating on Dr. Ouellette's Pain Relief Diet. These two books do not contain the same information. The second book was intended to help people cheat more effectively with less damage to their system. These concepts came from science data that was quite old in those days and more and more newer data is showing them to be true and timely. The issue of changes required to conform to the science is a difficult one due to human nature and so, I coined a new term and created a new Wellness Model to help people with those difficult human nature issues.


Follow the Science PILOT Wellness Program

Help for Worker's Wellness, Cost Free to the Company

The End Goal


S= Specific

     M= Measurable

   A= Attainable

R= Relevant

      T= Time-Based 

Above all, we want things thorough and comprehensive in the Self-Help field for workers to gain the advantages they need, at their own level, in Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. Small changes are usually easy. We help people find the right ones for them.

Steps to Review Our Wellness Model Before You Contact Us


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Lifestyle Improvement

Lifestyle Health

Health Regeneration

Lifestyle Help

Health Amplification

Lifestyle Regeneration

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Wellness Risk

Wellness Risk Management

Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies

The biggest problem in modern health care is people not doing what science has shown they should be doing.
SECRET: There is a large class of people whose health problems are NOT pathologically driven but, rather are LIFESTYLE driven.
Secrets gleaned from clinical practice.  
People often fall through the Wellness cracks in our healthcare system. The number of these people is much larger than expected. 
A NEW model is necessary now days. 

Help for Worker's Wellness

Cost Free to the Company

Our Pilot Project goal is to offer workers a practical method to improve their Wellness by measuring a worker’s lifestyle strategies against Wellness science. We have coined the term Wellness Risk to indicate how well a person is using the science in their lifestyle. Our interest is with helping people in the field of Self-Help Wellness where people learn to depend on themselves for Wellness and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies.

Identifying individual Wellness needs is the first step and that is accomplished through an online measurement program which is thorough and comprehensive. Help completing the measurement program is available and help troubleshooting identified Action Plan List items offers a person an evidence-based, client-centred method to improve their Wellness.



New Help with Wellness Strategies and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies.

It appears to be quite universal and something that we can all agree on. Wellness is a very large subject and a very important one too. No one questions that.

Questions pertinent to individuals are:

  • Would you like to boost Wellness but, and are a little unsure as to where, or how to start? 
  • Have you been putting off Wellness strategies for some time now? 
  • Do you want to know your Wellness Risk Scores?

  • D you want to know the obstacles you are facing regarding Wellness?

 We ask these questions to the workforce workers and more.

Our Plan is to contact companies and organizations and offer to set up a Wellness directorship program.

  1. Business Owners 
  2. Industry Owners 
  3. Management Teams 
  4. Government Organizations 
  5. Hospital personnel 
  6. HR Departments

There is an inexpensive measurement program available now to measure a worker's multidimensional Wellness status and give 38 scores on numerous factors documented by science. It's online and coupled with a measurement and WRM Self-Help Wellness Course (WORKSHOP) program to help a worker troubleshoot their customized, prioritised Wellness needs.

I would like to offer to help workers manage their Wellness Risk by first measuring their risk and then guiding them in workshops toward improving their risk scores.

Wellness Risk Management is a new Wellness model covering several pillars of optimal health.

Help with Health Amplification is easier with an expert to guide one through the troubleshooting process.

Contact Us to learn more and get started.

Knowing your Wellness Risk is the place to start.


Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS
Transitioning to Wellness Risk Management - Instructor/Coach/Guide
Certified Member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)
Master of Science: Biology (With Emphasis on Nutrition)

Retired Certifications: DNM, RNP, Certified in Acupuncture

Note For Companies Reviewing

Wellness Risk Management

Please see our contact page for the easiest process to review this new Wellness model.

 A new roadway is now available with an ANCHOR(#) at WRM.

Are you short on time right now for your review of our program?-

  1. Finish reading the first page of this website at 
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  4. Then contact us.


Additional PDF Document List for

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 6 PDFs in  Linked Order

1. Definitions



2. Introduction to WRM


Wellness Risk Management

3. Present State of Readiness


What We Are Asking of a Company’s Management

We are essentially asking the company management if they would like to help their workers Make Wellness a Priority in their lives at no cost to the company.


We are asking a company to enrol with us, for free, and then notify their workforce that Wellness Risk Management is available to workers in the form of a measurement program coupled with a workshop program that they can purchase at a reduced inauguration ‘Follow The Science Pilot Program’ price.

Contact us please. It is good for the workforce and good for the company.